Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day

View out my front door

My Front-side yard


Another shot of the backyard

Side yard

View outside my Dining Room window

Baking Bread with NaNa

Roll it and Pat it

And put it in the pan

Okay, maybe more rolling

Buttering the Bread

A close up shot

The mischief maker breaking into my wallet

PapPap with Liliana

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures Two Days in a Row...I'm on a Role!

He actually sat down for a picture with his sister....and smiled!

All Snuggles

So cute but it would have been even better if I would have caught Toby in full smile mode.

Toby took this picture and it's hystercial

Ooo, he snapped the camera again

Silly Gato, playmats are for kids

Up close and personal with our buddy Diego

Daddy's Home

Driving Daddy

Taken just before she got really crabby. I've noticed a pattern. She sleeps for hours at night, barely naps all day but is mostly pleasant. Then, nightfall hits and she hates everything about us. She is greiving and in pain and we are not who she wants. This too shall pass, but it is one of the hardest stages to get through

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home One Week

Edited to add: Toby's diagnosis today at the doctor's was a very nasty double ear infection and a sinus infection. We have meds now and we are resting comfortably. Hopefully my baby will be able to sleep better. One plus to him being sick is it's hard to stay mad at Mommy when she's the only one you want and the one who makes it all better. It's also a plus that Mommy is more relaxed this week and alittle more sane, but only a little. ;) Also I had a Eureka moment today with Lili. I was letting her suck my finger and I felt it... a tooth just beginning to breakthrough. Upon moving her tongue out of the way it looks like there may be two more close behind. So we pick up some teething tablets and she is calm again which makes the bonding process much more bearable.

Week one has been very difficult. I was prepared for difficult but this has been down right hard. Toby is completely pissed at me for leaving and for giving Lili attention (he loves her to death unless I'm holding her), Lili and I were sick and now Toby has caught quite a cold. Not to mention the death of my Grandma and her services. And to top it off, Liliana's transition home has been a very slow go. I knew when I was in Guatemala that she wasn't attaching to me like I hoped she would and it has been pretty much status quo here. She is a very easy going baby. She eats well, sleeps (at night) well, and is generally pleasant. However, she is as happy with me as she is with Joe Shmoe. She was great all day and then we got home. She cried for an hour and a half. And man did she cry. She nearly made herself sick. Not only was she tied, but she wanted nothing to do with being held close. So starting tonight, we are going full speed attachment parenting and are starting a routine whether she likes it or not. ;) Here's to a new week and therefore a fresh outlook. Now onto the pictures.

Playing cars, watching the Wiggles, and smiling for the camera all at once. How very skilled he is.

Also watching the Wiggles. And not to be outdone by her Big Brother, playing with her toys and plotting how to bother Toby best. She is also very skilled. Hehehe

Enjoying the Play Area at the Robinson Mall while NaNa shopped

Come Sail Away

"Hiding" from Mommy

Enjoying that pointer finger. She doesn't suck her thumb, but instead sucks her pointer finger.

First Family Pic (at the luncheon after the funeral)

Godfather with Liliana

Playing the drums...And man was it LOUD!


Woman, I told you NO MORE PICTURES!

Caught Red Handed

Raise your hands if you're a Panther Fan.

What do you mean not everyone loves Pitt? Oh No!

Playing Online slots with PapPap (the kind where you don't lose any money, you just have fun)

Father - Daughter Time

Oh Toodles!

Arescante! To the rescue my friends....Searching for the Mommy Macaw that was trapped under the couch.

Girl Power!

This is what we look like normally. Comfortable and Happy!

I'm still having a hard time finding a time to blog. Toby is starting to mellow out and Lili should be on a schedule soon, so I should be back to my normal blogging by the end of the week. thanks for hanging in there and following along and for all the support. (Wow, what a run-on.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Picture Post

Already one of us...She's watching the Wiggles with her big brother. She seems to love them too. What is it about them that makes them so enjoyable?

Moke Moke napping in the vibrating chair. The cats love her home. They think all her toys were put there to make a cat playground.

Toby putting on his Toodle ears. On sale for $3, what a steal!

Everything that is Liliana's is Toby's including this chair and her food. Regression is hysterical some times.

This picture is out of order, but it's Daddy's first morning with both kids. A forever family.

This child is fascinated with the underside of tables.

Sultan resting on the playmat.

Mommy do you think Toby will mind if I play with his guitar.

Sultan thought that Liliana was a nice place to take a nap.


Notice the rubber band? Uncle David was teaching him how to flick people with it. This is his evil laugh.

Mommy, Look! Alicia! My son has his first crush. It's on Alicia, Diego's sister. Lord help me.

The other day at the Doctor, Liliana was diagnosed with Ankyloglossia or Tongue Tie. I have always wondered why her tongue is out in pictures and is heart shaped not pointy at the end or why it is always in the way when feeding her. The doctor isn't concerned at the moment because it is not affecting her eating (I have found a way around it and changed my ususal feeding methods). Here's the definition of Tongue Tie: Ankyloglossia, commonly known as tongue tie, is a congenital oral anomaly which may decrease mobility of the tongue tip and is caused by an unusually short, thick lingual frenulum, a membrane connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Ankyloglossia varies in degree of severity from mild cases characterized by mucous membrane bands to complete ankyloglossia whereby the tongue is tethered to the floor of the mouth. Ankyloglossia can affect feeding, speech and oral hygiene. If this would cause major problems for her, there is a corrective surgery. She is doing great overall and this by no means defines her.

I hope these pictures will tide you over for a few days. It is going to be pretty hectic until Sunday. If I can post before then I will otherwise....I'll see you Sunday. Lots of Love!

Oh goodness! I almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!! Blogger buddy and fellow Guatmommy Supreme!