Sunday, June 29, 2008

Girls Night Out

What a great time I had last night! Des, Lianne, and myself went to dinner at the Waterfront in Pittsburgh and then we went to Sing Sing (a dueling piano bar). It was so nice to actually get out and enjoy adult company at an adult night spot. Whoo Hoo!!! Here's to doing this a bit more often.

One of the pianists

Des and Lianne hamming it up

Des and me

Lianne and me

A self taken group shot

All four performers play together during each set change....not my most favorite part but still a great time.

Okay by this point in time we were all starting to get alittle tired but it was after midnight and we were all still out! I had a GREAT time girls! Can't wait to do it again!

Friday, June 27, 2008

FFF: Summer Fun

Happy FFF Everyone! These are from a couple of weeks ago during the heatwave. After the heat wave we had a HUGE cooldown and now we've been dealing with rain, so.... Summer Fun is limited. Urgh! We did get out to play this week but I already posted those pics so I thought I'd post some more of our pool time fun. Toby begged yesterday to go in at NaNa's but the water is still abit chilly. Hopefully soon.

Nothing but Net!

Look at that smile....he just LOVES the water. Always Has.

Now look at her face...can you say disgusted! She's not as big of a fan of the water.

Are you talking about me Mommy?

For more FFF go to and since this post is a direct link if you want to see our other outside fun pics click HERE


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Outside Cuteness for Y'all

Don't they look happy to be with each other?

This is how they played...she ate the duck and he kept body checking her so she would move. Sweet, no?

Mommy why doesn't he want to play with me?

Who me? I don't know what she is talking about.

I'm not up to no good...not me!

I'm Innocent!

And then I was like....

My Bubby is sooooooo silly Mommy!

Do you think he'd notice if I snuck in behind him here to play?

Yeah probably...I'll just practice my crusin skills


Arrr! Me Hearties!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Too Cute! I love you Toby!

And stretch two, three, four....and then the camera died! Argh!

Gosh Am I Behind

I am really starting to get bad at this. I used to post alot more! Maybe it's because my children have a huge aversion to the camera now thanks to me and I won't post without pictures. Who knows. We had a great time yesterday. Especially Toby. NaNa came out early yesterday and picked up Toby for the day. They went to Prayer breakfast together and then did all of NaNa's banking errands. After that they went to Aunt Sue's where Toby "cooked" up a storm in the play kitchen. I really need to get him one of those. He LOVES to cook and Aunt Sue was very impressed that he knew how the utensils were actually used. After playing for alittle NaNa and Aunt Sue took Toby to McDonalds. Toby had a blast with playing in the play area and his new Kung Fu Panda toy (were at 3 out of 7 now...yes I guess I'm one of those parents...who knew?). After McDonalds, they went to the park. Toby was in his glory. He got to do all kinds of things and had someone's undivided attention again.

Where was Mommy and Lili when all this was going on? Well my Best friend is in from Charlotte for her ususal summer visit. Only this is not her typical summer visit...we were wedding dress shopping! It was great fun to go out with other adult women for shopping, conversation, and food (even if I did have to take the littlest one who you knew would known was there except for one crying episode). And Lianne, well she looked BEAUTIFUL in EVERYTHING she tried on and she found THE most perfect dress! GORGEOUS!!!!

When I finally got home, 6 hours later, Toby was having so much fun with NaNa and Aunt Sue that he left with them! That was a very postive sign for everyone, but alittle sad for me since he wanted to leave right after I got home. Sadly though he fell asleep on the way to NaNa's and when he woke up, that was it. Mommy and Lili had to pack it in and drive to NaNa's. Toby was just fine once we got there and had a few more hours of fun to his day. I am SO glad that you and Toby had so much fun Mom.

And just to make this all even better, Lianne is here for 2 weeks!!! And this saturday the children will hang out with Daddy while Mommy goes out with her friends to Pittsburgh for food and entertainment! This will be my first time out with friends, sans children, for something like 8 months. I am SO excited! Oh and here's a cute pic of Lili from the weekend (when we did plenty but I never pulled out the camera)

Lili and Daddy

Toby wanted nothing to do with a group shot

Friday, June 20, 2008

FFF: Daddy Pictures

Welcome to FFF. This week's theme is Dadddies in honor of Father's Day this past weekend. And I must say that I have one exceptional Daddy in my husband. In fact it was one of the many reasons I married him because I knew that he would be one hell of a Daddy to our future children. And he is, even with a large commute, long works days, and graduate night classes two days a week....his kiddos are everything to him and he is a very hands on Daddy. Way to go honey! You're the BEST!!!! (I however was a bad wife this week as for some reason I did not take any pictures of him with both of his kiddos on Father's Day. Shame on me! I am retifing that this weekend. Until then you can go HERE to see the Father's Day photos.)

Greg holding Toby for the very first time on our visit trip in August of 06

Pitt Panther Fans all the way....on our Extended pick up trip in Dec of 06

Quality time with his little girl on our visit trip to see her in Sept of 07

Seeing his little girl for the first time in 5 months..pick up Feb 08

Blowing bubbles with his kiddos

A daddy-daughter moment

Daddy and Toby hanging out waiting for candy in the parade

For more FFF go to

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's my Blog-i-versary!

This post is for my father that mentioned last night I hadn't updated my blog in two whole days. So you'll get this post today and FFF tomorrow....

So one year ago today I started the blog as a way to keep family and friends in the know with Toby's ever growing and changing toddlerness and then with Liliana's adoption journey. It has been a year filled with many ups and downs, but SOOO worthwhile. In honor of this blog-i-versary, I am going back one year and pulling some pictures. I hope your enjoy seeing how big Toby has gotten in one year. Okay blogger HATES me so check back later for pics. (maybe)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Pictures

We had a great weekend! Friday we went swimming (see two posts back for the pics). Saturday it rained so we decided to take Greg to see...

Toby, Lili, and Mommy had already been to see it on opening day with Uncle Dave. Toby had been talking about it for weeks so Uncle Dave took us. Toby LOVED it. It's all he talks about, so since Daddy missed it we went to see it again. He liked it even more this time. It's a cute movie with a good message. So if you have a little boy, take him. He'll like it. Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. We gave Greg his gifts and then we went to church. After church we went to lunch with Greg's mom and Dad (more on lunch in another post at a later time). Then Toby and Greg swam while I made dinner for the fam. It was a nice day. I hope you enjoyed it honey cause you deserved to.

Greg reading the card Toby made him.

For Father's Day each of the kids painted Greg a picture on canvases for his office. Every year they will paint him new pictures. So in the end he'll have a mini art collection of his children's paintings to display. When there gets to be too many he can just pick his favorites. This on is Liliana's. It's mainly her handprints and then she and I added a few dots.

This is the painting Toby made. He wanted to use every color in his painting for Daddy.

Here's Greg thanking Lili with a kiss...Toby is wiping his off. lol

Greg received four new polos and a new pair of cargo shorts from me. He really liked these too.

Playing with maggots (that's how Toby says magnets, it cracks me up every time) this morning.

Not happy with Mommy for taking her picture so early in the morning

Maybe you should secure your presents alittle higher next time honey. The cats really like your gift bag and your new shirts as a place to hide out.

Toby's newest version of the Wonder Pets flyboat. He kept singing "What's gonna work? Teamwork!" as he put it together. Too Cute!

Some animals going for a ride in the fly boat.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

to my daddy! The BEST Daddy in the whole wide world. I wish I could have spent part of it with you, but I hope your enjoying you mini vacation with Mom. I couldn't find any poems that I liked so I chose a couple of songs. I love you this much Daddy (you are just going to have to picture it). Have a terriffic day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pool Pics

This post is for the Missouri crew, especially NaNa and PapPap who are out there visiting. We miss our MO family BUNCHES and can't wait to see you in 6 weeks. To NaNa and PapPap we are totally lovin your house and pool while your away. Toby, Lili and myself have spent the past two days my parents' pool. The weather has been rain free and the water is a near perfect at 86 degrees. Liliana is finally getting used to it and is pretty content to float and splash in one of her two "boats." For Toby I bought him one of those swim vests and the boy turned into a fish. He seriously LOVES the water and the semi freedom he now has. He did even better than yesterday. He is doing a modified dog paddled all over the pool and is doing better at keeping his head up, blowing bubbles, and not swallowing all the pool water. I also taught him how to swim to the side of the pool and hold on. It's the perfect exercise for him. In fact after 3 hours swimming in the pool today he crash at 6 and has not woken up. Yippee! I finally found a way to get him to sleep. lol Here's some pics and a video. (Daddy was able to make it home early today to enjoy some pool time with us.)

One, Two, Three...

Argh, who splashed me?

Mmm, this hand tastes sooo good.

Yep, still yummy!

Daddy let me go...I want to swim

I got some serious attitude when I told him to keep his head up

Where's my hat? This sun is bright.

Silly Daddy, put me down.

Proof that my son is a fish:

See the below post for my FFF post.