Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dia de Gracia (or Day Of Thanks)

Finally got around to loading all the pics from Thanksgiving. We had a great day together with my family and Greg's family. We ate, drank, and enjoyed each other's company. We also really enjoyed watching the kiddos horse around. I hope everyone else had a very blessed Thanksgiving. I also pray you had plenty to be thankful for and that God will give you even more to be thankful for next year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday 4th Toby!

This is my sweet Angel at five days old:

And here he is in all his 4 year old glory:

I love you baby boy! I hope you have a very special day and I pray that God will bless you the whole year through.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Toby's Party

Toby had SO much fun at his party. All of the local family came along with Aunt Des and Jay, and Natalie and Eliana. He played the entire time with Lili, Jay, and Eliana so happy to have friends around to "share" his toys with. He got tons of presnts and made out like a bandit. Seriously, I have to manuver quite a bit to make it through the living room right now and we left the two biggest toys at Nun and Pap's. He hasn't picked a favorite because he loves them all, which is so nice to see. He was such a big boy on Saturday...he greeted each guest and put the packages on the gift table. He also made sure to thank everyone as he opened each gift. His manners made this Mama proud. Here are some of the pictures. Not all of them were good and there were alot of the same thing....I can't believe my baby's gonna be 4 on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't worry, we kept an eye on them

This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!! Saturday was 65 and sunny and Sunday was warmer but cloudier. Either way we enjoyed some outside activities like the Pitt, Notre Dame game and some time at the new park in town. For some reason the kids think the trunk is a fascinating tailgate adventure and evidently PapPap finds the trunk very comfortable.

Toby was awake for kick-off and the opening drive and then out-like-a-light for until late in the 3rd quarter. He was only up for alittle and then went back to sleep...he was one tired boy.

Tickets Please!

NaNa and PapPap

Our little cheerleader...she LOVES football games.

NaNa rockin the Kate Gosslin look courtesy of the slide

My little dare devil

Walkin on the spiderwebs....they both can make it all the way to the top

Silly goose


Friday, November 13, 2009

FFF:Beautiful Gifts

My beautiful gifts: A loving and supportive husband who lets me be me and makes me laugh like no one else.

My sweet baby boy who melts my heart with his giggle and snuggles.

And my precious princess who gives the best kisses ever (EVER!) and makes me laugh with her antics.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Water Play Fun

Picasa only lets me upload 4 pics at a time, so here is today's cuteness......
Playing together so nicely

Look Eliana, the water will come out here

Laughing his @ss off because he got me wet

I knew this was going to was wrong of me not to warn her....but the look of shock and her amusement afterward was worth it. So was capturing this picture.
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pitt Game

Mom and Dad finally joined us for a Pitt Game. The weather was fantastic...65 and full sun! You can't get any better than that the first week of November. We had a great time hanging out together and we won. Here are some of the cuter moments....
Love this one! It was out of focus so I put it in soft focus...I think it turned out cute.
Get Daddy!

Hey PapPap do you think I could have some of your water?

Is this not the cutest?!?!

Or maybe this one is!

I love you Pitt Ban-Bear (Lili speak for panther)

Someone's getting sleepy

I really like my new panther

Hiding from Mommy... I was trying to get a picture of their matching hats.

See Mommy, here he is. Yet one more animal for me to haul everywhere along with Bunny and a horse the size her.

She's just too cute

Studying his new cars and trying to fight sleep
The crew
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Friday, November 6, 2009

FFF: Black and White

I LOVE Black and White photos and I have a ton of Black and whites on my old (broken) computer along with the majority of my photos. But I dipped into the last two months and these are a few of my favs. The first 3 were converted to B&W in picasa (which has several BW choices and I'll let you know which ones I used) and the last one was taken with my camera in its B&W setting.

Love this one of Toby...mainly because I could listen to him giggle all day and this captures his precious giggle face. It's a filtered B&W.

I think B&W does a great job of focusing us to the moment and not necessarily everything else going on in the pic. Daddy with his girl is a focal B&W.

I'm also a big fan of landscape B&Ws. This is of COBA in Mexico. It was fashioned after Tikal.

Can't believe I'm posting this one since I have on not one stitch of makeup....It was our very last morning in Mexico. Oh how I miss the pleasant weather and tropical air.

If photoshop is too hard for you and you're not a fan of it's free version paint, give picasa a try. It's free and easy! You can't do everything that you can do in paintshop but you can do a pretty good editing job (oh, and blogger posts). For more Black and Whites head on over to HANNAH our hostess with the most-ess. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Look Back

I don't have any new photos to share so I pulled up the posts from this day for the last two years. Look at how much my babies have grown and changed. Time passes too quickly.

2007: His first wiggly concert at nearly 2 years old

2008: A day at the park....Toby nearly 3 and Lili at 16 months