Friday, August 29, 2008

FFF: Black and White

I LOVE this week's theme! Black and white photos are my favorite. I take pictures in B&W all the time. And there are just certain pictures that I know will look better in black and white so I change them over during editing. Only the first one was originallay taken in black and white the rest are from our recent trip to Indiana that I haven't had a chance to post. If you'd like to see more FFF go to Sarah's blog. And if you in the mood go and peruse my new Bowtique. have a GREAT weekend!

A candid moment between my Aunt Jo and my cousin Katie...I love how they are both laughing.

Whew, It's HOT out here!

I think I'll take alittle shower, Thanks Mr. Elephant.

Look even more water

Splish Splash

One watery Princessa

Breakdancing around the fountain

All that dancing was hard work, I think I'll take alittle break with my buddies the elephants

Ooo, these Elephants are fun

Hi, my bubby says you are really nice and refreshing Mr. Elephant

More splashing

And more splashing....can you tell this was their favorite part of the park. They were throughly soaked when we left.

Love this shot

This one cracks me up

Oh and as of yesterday the coutdown begins...One month until I turn 3-0. And I'm actually looking forward to it. If you are going to be intown the weekend of the 28th and want to join in the party, just let me know. And some of you have no choice. hahaha ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy's Vacation

We had a GREAT time with Gregwhile he was on vacation. We tried to do something everyday which was kinda cool. In the slideshow are pictures of our trip to a local park in West Virginia. We went on the recommendation of a friend of mine and the kids loved it. It had two nice sized play centers and a creek that the kids had fun splashing in. We also spent part of Saturday at Tappen Lake. It isn't too far away from us and I have never been there. The kiddos had a blast playing in the lake even if the water was alittle chilly. Toby especially enjoyed the fact that he could just walk right in and play in the water, something he's never gotten to do. It was a fun afternoon in the sun. After we got home and went to church, Mom kicked us out of the house. We were told to spend an evening kid free together. We have only done that, I think, twice since Toby came home and it was very nice. We went to Joe's Crab Shack in Station Square. We had a great time hangin out. I also included some pictures from yesterday in the slideshow. It really isn't that long as I was so busy enjoying my family that I didn't take too many pictures. That's when you know you're having fun!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Favorite Foto Sunday Edition

These photos were taken last weekend while we were hanging out with Grandma Lorraine. We been so busy this past week with Greg being on vacation that I'm just now getting around to them. Because we did so much while Greg was off you will likely get a post nearly everyday this week.

Toby and Grandma Lorraine...they were swinging around in her office chair...he loved it

Liliana and Grandma Lorraine...sqirmy wormy wanted down...ever since she started walking she will not sit still.

Enjoying the fountains at the petting zoo...she had a lovely puddle forming in her dress.

Look Mommy a Monkey

I just LOVE this one that I took of the four of them even if the kids aren't smiling.

For anyone that has tried to place an order on the Bowtique website...I have fixed the glitch and added a shopping cart. I hope that makes the shopping easier.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FFF: Stuffed Friends

This week's theme is Stuffed Friends. We have so many stuffed friends I could run my own toy store and Toby forms a protective barrier of about 10 or so animals around himself when he sleeps, but there are only a couple however that hold a special place in their hearts. To see more FFF gor to

The Original Bunny...we sent it down to her in Guatemala last August. When we went to visit her our foster mom made sure she had it with her. Unfortunately due to the move to the hogar bunny #1 never came home.

This is bunny number two. Liliana isn't in to carrying it everywhere yet but he is required sleeping material.

Here she is using bunny to emphasize the her point. Love the

This is her Daddy Oso. Greg sent it down with me to Guatemala for pick up so she could hear his voice. Her and Toby activate it at least once a day to hear Daddy.

Meet Bear. Bear is a VERY well loved (and cool I might add...I mean just look at those shades) friend. My mom and dad sent Bear down to Guatemala with me for our extended pick up trip as a Christmas gift for Toby. Bear and a fuzzy green blankie became his transition items, the only things that were both in Guatemala then here. Bear goes EVERYWHERE that Toby goes. He is the bestest (yes I know that is not proper english) friend my sweet boy could have.
He's there for naps, bedtimes, and sad times when cuddling is a must...

He makes trips back to Guatemala to meet baby sisters and to keep small boys company on the plane....

And he loves Toby no matter what (even when he is being dangled by his bowtie)....couldn't we all use a friend like that.
Lili Cakes Bowtique is up and running. And for those of you that liked the Breast Cancer Awareness Hairbows that I made they are for sale along with another pink ribbon bow that I think turned out really cute.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Zoo Pics

Greg's best impression of his buddy the Spitter Snake....I think he really captures it's passion.

Incredibly timid (unlike how he ususally is) around the Sharks.

Lili on the other hand would have drived right in if I let her.

Hey Toby, look at these....

Yah, I see what you mean. Those penguins are pretty COOL! Get it, cool....I crack myself up!

Toby is feeding the giraffe in this picture. Jack ass in the yellow shirt stepped right in front of my shot and it was on of those you only get one chance sort of shots (and he didn't even have a child with him...jack ass!).

Mmm, this is yummy. I wonder if I can find something better...

Hey Toby look at that....

Damn it, that didn't work!

Hey Mom I posted a SNAKE just for you!!! Hahaha...

What! We are leaving...that makes me want to cry. I know Lili I'm sad too.

There are still more pics to come from the Indiana trip so stay tuned. And Lili Cakes Bowtique is now up and running, so go check it out. The link is in my sidebar.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Again.....Again

We haven't been MIA instead we kicked off Greg's 10 day vacation with a trip to see Greg's Grandma Lorraine in West Lafayette, IN. We had a lovely three day trip to see her and we really enjoyed our time in Indiana. In three days, we spent time with Grandma, went to the Indianapolis Zoo, and went to Columbian Park in Lafayette. Grandma Lorraine loved getting to see the kiddos and we loved visiting with her. We'd start the day visiting with her and then we'd leave for a little to go to some places for the kids to play while she enjoyed some down time. Then we'd come back get take out and just hang out. It was so much fun! The kids and myself are so glad to have Greg home. He started his vacation on Friday and doesn't go back to work until Monday. Today we pretty much just veged around the house since we didn't get home until 1:15am last night. We have lots of fun and cleaning planned for this week but I'm not sure how much we'll actually get to do. We'll see how the week plays out. Hope you enjoy the first set of pictures.

Enjoying their tent and watching the Wiggles or Nemo or Curious George...I can't remember exactly when i took this picture. lol

Demonstrating his cheesy smile...the car ride was getting to him by this point in time.

Our view for 80% of the trip.....corn. Oh we also got to see soybeans....such variety!

Kickin off some steam while Mom and Dad unloaded the car

Seatbelts, So we can be safe!

Some after dark play in hopes that they would get sleepy

HaHaHa Daddy, I locked you out!


Toby enjoying the play area

Yum, Chicken tenders

YAY, they had DOLPHINS!!! I was WAY more excited than the kids. Lili really enjoyed watching them swim by her.

I like to move it, move it! Every time I see a lemur I burst into song and dance. It makes for an interesting sight.

Liliana was playing Peek-a-boo with a Llama...she is TOO cute!

Elephant weightlighting

Liliana petting a rooster, Toby also petted the rooster then proceded to wash his hands for the upteenth time.

Toby exploring the encounters area. He especially loved the farm animals area.

WAY more pictures of the zoo and the rest of our trip to come, so come back tomorrow.