Thursday, May 29, 2008

SUPER Toby and FFF

Because I'm feeling lazy I am just adding FFF to thursday night's post. This week's theme is Pajama Party. I am sure I could have pulled put several pictures of the kids in their pjs since we live in them. Oh the beauty of being a stay at home mom. :) If you would like to see more FFF pictures go to

I know you've seen this one before but it's my FAVORITE!

The night that Liliana was put into my arms forever

Taken in Feb. 07...he's grown so much!

Like the cape? Yep, I made it too. Don't go thinking I'm all required no sewing.

Able to leap toys in a single bound

This is his flyboat (any Wonder pet watchers out there). And yes I let him do it. Furniture is made to be lived on.

if you look closely you'll see that the dinosaur head and the tiger are the wheels and the noise maker and keys are the rocket blasters. He is very resourceful.

Does she look bored? She was! The ground was incredibly hot and she had to stay in the stroller.

He only made it halfway up before deciding to turn back.

A monkey in cage

Gnawing on the strap...I do believe she is teething again

Go Dino Go


Dig, Dig, Dig

Jammin on the drums

My horse is faster than yours

Yes I let him slide down like that. It was feet first which is always my safety rule.

If looks could kill...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Pictures

EDITED TO ADD: I am feeling much better today. Toby seems to be doing okay as he got the least of it, but poor baby girl is still battling a very upset stomach. On a side note, I changed the music on my blog to some "summer" music. I hope nobody is offended by it, if so just mute it. Toby's favorite is Jump in the Line. He, PapPap, and myself are kindred spirits or just lovers of Harry belafonte music. If you have any favorites you would like added just let me know. Expanding the list is easy.

Toby giving Liliana a ride on Saturday

NaNa reading to Toby (I think I may have interupted)

Chalk drawing on the garage

Mommy can I swing, please?

All decked out before leaving for church and graduation

Mom wanted to get a picture since we all looked SO nice, but alas the kids weren't into it (and we took at least 12 pics, none are "good" as all of us are at least looking)

Ooo, this feels neat...we were taking a break from the commencement speaker's address

Laughing it up, at what I don't know

She has a definate shoe fetish, I just don't think that's its a very healthy one. lol

She just looks so girly here and I love her little tongue hanging out
Smiley Girl

No one told me there was paparazzi at this parade

Greg's dad marching in the parade

My Mom and Greg's Mom watching the parade

A very neat whatever that shot off blanks throughout the parade route

Waiting for CANDY

I thought this was hysterical...I love the riding mower


Talking with Uncle Mike

Anyone for some toes?

This was after I took her flag away from my defense she was eating it

NO, I want more candy! I'm not leaving! (My peaceful protester, he just laid down on the sidewalk when we told him it was time to go)

Silly Siblings...I LOVE this pic

She just looked so cute in this dress I had to have just one more picture.

I also had a GREAT picture of Toby depantings his Uncle David but...David told me I better never post it. So you'll just have to imagine it because I like my life and I'd like to live alittle longer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I just tried to upload my pictures from the weekend and blogger is being pissy. Hopefully later. We had a great weekend! Saturday NaNa and PapPap came out to the house for a little bit. Sunday was church and my cousins graduation from high school. And yesterday we went to the Memorial Day Parade that my FIL walks in and had dinner with my parents. The only problem now is the Stomach Flu complete with horrible nausea and cramping and a strong dislike for ALL food products. Last night I thought I just over did it, but when I was still feeling sick hours later I knew it was more. Myself along with BOTH kiddos has the bug and it stinks! The kids are just having some bathroom issues...they are still eating and drinking however which is really good cause the last thing I need right now is a trip to the ER for dehydration. My bug decided to also come along with a BAD case of joint aching so Greg, being the wonderful husband that he is, worked from home today so that I could rest. I still feel pretty crappy but I'm hoping it's only a 24-48 hour jobby. Check back later...maybe there will be pictures.

Friday, May 23, 2008

FFF: One

This week we were asked to pick our ONE favorite picture from the week. Well I haven't taken many pictures since last friday, so there weren't that many to choose from. Here's the one I chose. Oh and please disregard the laundry hanging on the door, the boy's half eaten sandwich and the pile of mail on the table, and the once painted hardwood floor that is in more and more disaray with each passing day. I openly admit I am NOT the best at keeping a clean house with 3 cats, 2 toddlers, 1 dog and a husband! I love the picture however because we caught a very sweet moment between Toby and Lili. He stopped eating his lunch just to help her eat hers. I love it!

For more FFF go to and have a GREAT long weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Blast from the Past

Since I can't get on the internet with my laptop (that is mia) I decided to see if I could get the finicky desktop to work. Lo and behold it does! I've made it since 9:30 last night until 7pm today to get on it so I think I did quite well. I figured while I was on this one I'd see what pictures were on here. There aren't that many, seems like I downloaded the same ones quite a few times , but for the next few weeks Wednesdays will be Blast from the Past while I move these pictures over to the other computer. So here are just a few....

Greg and me on our honeymoon in Jamiaca in Sept 04

Ringing in 2005 with my best friend Lianne

On vacation at Put-in-Bay Ohio in July 05

Greg posing with a moose in Niagra Falls for our 1st Wedding anniversary.

Me freezing my a$$ off Thanksgiving 05 at the Pitt-WVU football game

Hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane and look forward to some ohter pictures.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


From as of now until tomorrow after 10pm I will not have a computer. Greg is taking it with him to work so I won't be able to do anything computer related. Ugh....I can already feel the withdraw running in my veins. This will be hard!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dinosaurs Galore

We had a very exciting day today at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The museum has a large collection of whole dinosaurs fossils (that aren't replicas) from a quarry discovered in 1909. The dinosaur displays are awesome and Toby thought it was really neat. He especially liked the interactive touch screen at each exhibit. And he very sweetly said hello and goodbye to each of the dinosaurs. We also took in the discovery room, the ice age exhibits, the north american animal exhibits, and the gemology room. One of the really cool parts is that the kids can become palentologists. The don eyegoggles, brushes, and chisels to work in a replica dinosaur quarry. Very cool! I have no pictures of this cause like a dumb a$$ I messed with my camera before downloading the pictures and lost everything from today. I could just kick myself. But we'll be going back soon and I'll get more then. I'll try tomorrow to get pictures of Toby with his new toys Ed the edmontosaurus and one of those dinosaur head grabby things (that he just finds hysterical).

Friday, May 16, 2008

FFF: Fun in the Sun

This week's theme is Fun in the Sun. I'm only suppose to pick one picture, but when it comes to my kiddos I can't pick just one. The first couple are some throwback pictures. Those are followed by some from are sunny days this week. Let me tell you, May has been a CRAPPY month thus far weather wise. Slightly colder than April and definately rainier. Yuck! I can't wait for the weather to get nicer next week and neither can the kids. hope you all have a GREAT weekend and if you want to see more FFF go to

Horseback riding in Missouri last June

Playing in a creek bed last July in Gatlinburg, TN

Liliana experiencing the grass for the first time in Guatemala

Touring Antigua on Daddy's shoulders during our pickup trip

Showing off his cool trick (notice the feet)

Inspecting the quad....for what I am not sure

Super Lili! She tried to climb on but overshot it.

Diligently working in his sandbox

Come on Down...

That's not exactly what I meant...such a BOY!

Oh, it makes a neat sound when I kick it
Dangerous....Mom Danger is my middle name...I don't know what you are talking about
He always gets to have all the fun!
Showing off all SIX of her teeth while being attacked by the ticklemonster...aka Mom

Sibling love. I would say that Liliana is most attached to Toby. She wants to be with him everywhere and gets angry if she can't. It's very sweet.
And now, some of the bows I made for orders. I will be adding 3-4 new styles to the site this weekend so check it out.
Medium Korker-Q's

Small Korkers

Made as a special gift...I will be adding this style this weekend.

Large Korker-Q's

Also made as a special gift...Flower Loop Bows being added this weekend