Friday, October 31, 2008


Last night was trick or treating in my parents neck of the woods (tonight in my area). The city held it last night because of high school football tonight...yes it's that important here. In our new tradition, that we started last year, we go trick or treating with one of my best friends and her son. Liliana was still not thrilled to be dressed up and pulled around in the wagon....not even when we got candy. Toby on the other hand was ready from the moment we hit the first house. His speed and zest declined over the hour and a half that we were out. Jay was the best big helper. He walked, err ran up to every house with Toby. When there were too many steps I didn't take Lili up. It was fine for me if she didn't get that much candy, but the people would send it down to her with Toby. Toby was so sweet. He wouldn't even put it in his bucket. He'd walk it down and say "Here you go Lili" and drop it in her bucket. Such a good big brother! After leaving Des' house, we went to my mom's bf house to play and get candy. Toby loves her play kitchen, so he had a blast. All and all it was a good Halloween-ing experience.

Liliana, Toby, and Jay (don't they all look thrilled)

NaNa and Toby onto the next house...trying to keep up with the speed demon, Jay

Look! We got candy!

Here we come people, look out!

I'm coming! Don't get any candy without me!

I don't taste any candy, but this wrapper sure is yummy.

Now wait just one minute guys...

The good witch gave out more than just candy to the little kids....this was Lili's favorite part.

Come on Toby, I'll walk up with you.

Ooo, my very own doggie!

I am so friggin bored. I can't believe she dressed me up like a stupid poodle and paraded me around in this wagon. I hope this is over soon!

Happy to be out of the wagon

My Mom and her Mama Rue (Sue)

Look Mommy, I got Toby's ninja when he wasn't looking. hahaha

Cooking in the kitchen with Toby
(from ZooBoo a couple of weekends ago...because I LOVE this picture)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin....

Tonight we dug into our 23 lbs pumpkin. The kids didn't complain about how squishy the guts were, instead they kept complaining about how cold they were. I never gave it a thought that the pumpkin was going to be as cold as it is outside. After we cleaned our new friend, it was time to carve him. I was prepared to carve whatever Toby and Lili wanted thinking they would want some silly face. Nope. Toby found the carving book and picked out a cat. I knew that Liliana was okay with it because she just kept meowing. It was a trip to say the least. The finished product turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself.


Good Little Pumpkin

Ooo pumpkin guts

Did we get it all?

Look Daddy, there's seeds in there

Let me Mommy!


I hope nobody's watching

Yummo, that's good stuff

Yep I think that's it

Nope Lili, I think there's still some more.

Mommy doing the intricate work

Now how did Mommy do that?

No stinkin way am I going to bed!

Our cat pumpkin being checked out by Moke Moke
Hahaha Mokey's silly

Ooo Eerie...not

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Checking In

Dumpster never came.....they didn't write down what day. So now it comes this weekend. I am really cutting it close to my deadline so this house can be in order before Toby's party. I am so sick of living in and dealing with the diaster area that is my house. Seriously, someone should call FEMA to come bail me out.

No new pictures. I took not a one over the weekend. On the plus side, my parents did. Go HERE to see them. They are really cute and should tide you over until I get my lazy butt in gear.

Oh and is FREEZING here. Well maybe not 32 degrees, but we may get snow. Crazy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

FFF: Kids in Action

Argh, Sarah changed the theme on me. I do believe I posted my pumpkin pictures last week for FFF. So this week you are getting the original theme...Kids in Action. Yesterday it was finally warm enough for us to get outside. It's been alittle too chilly to be out. So I raked a pile of leaves in the backyard and the kids had a blast playing in them. It kept them busy and happy for over an hour and they were so happy to be out. Today and tomorrow it's suppose to rain so I'm glad that I got them out. For everyone that asked, I had a headache free day yesterday but today it hurts again...not as bad, so I'll take it.

PS: Kristen I knew you'd visit the blog today (a guarnteed post) so I posted the pictures of the bows for the girls. Thanks for giving me creative was fun. Especially the pumpkins.

Come back and visit over the weekend...we are starting to work on my dungen of a basement and there will be pictures. For more FFF go to Sarah's Blog

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

Here's a picture of Toby two years ago when he was living in the hogar. Look at how sweet and little he looked. Funny that now he looks sweet and little...two years ago these pictures devastated me. He looked so big and so sad. Funny thing that perspective is.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Since Friday I've been dealing with some horrible headaches. I wake up feeling "normal" but by late afternoon I feel achy and get this headache that sits at my temple and behind my left eye into my jaw. The pain radiates to the back of my head and into my neck. It SUCKS!! Tomorrow I call the doctor if I don't feel better. I'd call today but I have to take two kiddos and the dog to the vet (please pray for my patience with all of them) to deal with my dog's skin allergy. Fun huh? If you want to see the pics of my kids that my parents took last night while I was passed out go to my Mom's Blog

Ooo, almost forgot.... HAPPY 31st ANNIVERSARY MOMMY and DADDY!!! May you be blest with many more happy years. I love you both so very much.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pittsburgh's ZOOBOO

We took advantage of the beautiful fall day and headed out to ZooBoo at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Toby decided he wanted to be a cat this year (last year he was a tiger, so we're keeping to the feline family evidently) and he said Liliana should be a dog. So I added ears and a tail to a black hoodie for him and used bath scrunchies to make Liliana into a poodle. They turned out great! And the best part is that the clothes can continue to be worn, unlike a normal Halloween costume.

We got there in the early afternoon and Lili was none too thrilled. BUT...after the first trick or treat spot the kids got into it and they were hooked. For it being a cool fall day, the animals weren't that active. In fact the entire primate house was sleeping. The bears were very entertaining however. We also got to see the new elephant babies, but not the tiger cub because he was off exhibit by the time we got back to him. Hopefully next time.

Even though Liliana is weepy, this is probably my favorite picture of them together.

I'm not too sure I'm ready for this Toby

Toby checkin out the SLEEPING Lions

Did someone say candy?

Where? I don't see any stinkin candy!

What we have to go even further to get some?

Look Daddy, Mama Jaguar (really a leopard)

Toby watching the oppossom, we didn't stay long at the meet the animals lecture...Toby was itchin for more candy

Trick or Treat

One of the Baby Elephants...I think this one was Zuri

Which makes this Cutie Patotie, Angelina...Look how tiny she is! I just love it!

Lili look! Monkeys!

Poodle Butt! Too Cute!

Toby picks the perfect pumpkin

A Kodiak bear...he is HUGE!!!

Who are the bears that like to eat fruit....Spectacled Bears

If you look closely, Toby is "eating" Daddy like he is fruit

Liliana posing with Daddy is still not sure about this

Eel Watchin

She is just SO precious!

Cat on the prowl

Riding a Sea Lion

Wee Slides! Finally starting to enjoy herself

Using the Gibbon ropes to climb

Spider Cat, Spider Cat



Ooo, the smell of McDonalds is heavenly

Eating up to get ready for his BIG DAY

Last Year's Picture

This year's family photo...Look at the difference a year can make!