Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bummed (EDITED: Please reread)

EDITED TO ADD: Liliana's Baptism is officially scheduled for Mother's Day at 1:30pm. I emailed quite abit of the family, but if I missed you or you are going to be in town and would like to come (we would love to have you) please contact me at the email address on the sidebar. I will give you the rest of the details. Last year we baptized Toby on Father's Day and so it is really cool that we get to baptize Liliana on Mother's Day. How special. We now return to our regularly scheduled saulking...

Our weekend was alittle less than fantastic. Saturday Toby woke up with a fever that got significantly higher saturday night. Yuck! The kids and I still enjoyed watching movies at NaNa's and PapPap's while Daddy went to a buddy's house to watch the draft and take in a Pirate's game. Sunday we got all packed up and went to Wheeling to the Good Zoo. It's a very small zoo that is perfect for a couple hours of escape for children. The zoo was very nice. The kiddos enjoyed all the animals and as ususal Toby enjoyed the children's resource room with all the puzzles and creative play they have set up. Here's were the bummed out part comes in....

When we got to the zoo I realized we didn't have the camera. We figured that in the rush to get out the door that I had forgotten it at home. After arriving home, however, we found no camera. The more I thought about it, the more I remembered packing it. We only stopped at one spot between our house and the zoo and that was Wendy's. Greg drove the half an hour back to Wendy's to check around and ask if anyone turned it in. Unfortunately, who ever found it was not kind enough to turn it in. So my month old $200 camera is now someone else's. I am so bummed that not only we are out the money, but also that we did not secure the camera enough that it wouldn't get lost. I am also upset that the person that found it didn't do the right thing. So now I'm camera-less. I have to go to Pittsburgh to get a new one and I don't know when that will be. So for this week only it's throwback week with all my pictures coming from the last year. (And Amy I didn't forget your tag, I'll probably do it later today or tomorrow.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

FFF: Spring Has Sprung

Since the theme is spring has sprung I'm posting a few more pics from yesterday. Glad we had the chance to get out and about cause it's suppose rain and do a temperature drop in the next few days.

Filling every part of the truck with sand

Not sure what he was doing here
Watching Toby on the playground

This girl loves to swing

Wedding Lace Bush

I think these are crapemyrtles in our side/backyard. The purple flowers didn't really show up in this picture.

Our plum tree in blossom. The dirt behind it is where the barn used to be.

Not sure what the name of this is next to our driveway, but the birds love it.

To see more spring pics read the next post from yesterday! And have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tons of Pics

The last few days have been beautiful! We have been outside every day. It's been so nice. Here's some of the pics. There were so many good ones I couldn't pick so I posted a BUNCH!

So I told him to....

Filling his lawn mower with gas (leaves).

This is good but I bet that sand is better.

Hi Yili-yawna!

Yili, get out of the way. I climbed in here to play with this toy.

Who me? I'm not in the sand.

Happily eating a leaf...

Her reaction to my taking the leaf

Liliana modeling a korker headband I made as a gift

I also made these as a gift for the same person

This belongs in the stick pile

No tickle Mommy...

Yellow nose from the dandylions

Squealing with glee

Peek Mommy

Silly Mommy, your faces are so funny

So Big

What is that yellow thing?


Showing his Mommy just how big his is

Sibling love

Sweet Sleeping Girl

Love you PapPap

PapPap's Girl

See you tomorrow for Favorite Foto Friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Behind

So Sorry that I am behind in updating the blog. The weather here has been incredible for April! It's been in the 70s for nearly a week and that trend is only suppose to continue this week. It's Awesome!!! And now when I finally sit down to put up pictures, blogger won't let me...so I'll try later on. I have tons of pics since Thursday to pick from. So check back later on. Hopefully blogger won't hate me then. :)
YIPPEE!!! IT WORKED!! Here are the pictures from the last 5 days....

MONDAY: Fun at Home
Attempting to "ride" her car/walker.

Will this lady ever stop taking pictures of me?

Loving Lili's bunny or taking it from her...it depends on how you look at it :)

Daddy rigging the bubble machine in the tree

Hahaha...I recked your castle daddy!

SUNDAY: NaNa'a and PapPap's after church

Yeah, Toby's playing drums

Silly girl showing off her teeth

Oops! Caught in the act!

You'll never catch me


Dig, Dig, Dig

Why isn't this working?

Future mess maker...doing a good job already!

FRIDAY: Hangin out at NaNa's before shopping til we dropped
NaNa rockin out for Liliana

Thanks Uncle Rob for the sweetie pjs...they fit me personality and all.

Getting some sugar from her Daddy

I want a turn PapPap!

Oh, I LOVE my new sandbox!

Why can't I play in it too?


THURSDAY: Promised Pictures

Mommy getting creative....she refused to look at me though.

Playing with the ball

Stealing Sadie's ball

Joe Cool!

If I just reach alittle more...

Success...this flower is yummos.

On the move

Hope this helps fill the void. I promise to do better.