Friday, November 28, 2008

FFF: Thankfulness

Yep...I am thankful for these two. And a whole bunch of other things, but today after a turkey hangover, they are all I'm going to mention. I hope you all had a very blessed thanksgiving. I know that I did. For more FFF go HERE

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More party pics

Toby had a nice birthday. He woke up to balloons all over the house, which he thought was cool. After watching movies and napping, we went to McDonalds. Obviously I took stupid pills before we left, because not only did I take him past the toy display causing a mini heated discussion between him and I...I also wacked my head off the table squatting down to pick up a chicken nugget. Oh yeah, I so did. And it so hurt. And even better yet it soooo put a knot right in the center of my forehead that still hurts like hell today. Like I said stupid pills. After a lovely lunch we went to the store to pick up some stuff. I let Toby spend his birthday gift card while we were there. (Godfather you will be happy to know that he got a wonder pets playset and a Gloria from Madagascar. I know that both of those escape you. Just know that he loves them and Thank You). After all that we went out to dinner at Applebee's to celebrate. Toby wasn't so sure about all the people singing to him but he certainly liked the sundae.

I've combined the remaining pics from Saturdays with last nights into the slide show...enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Happy Birthday Baby Boy! I guess you're not a baby anymore, you're my big boy. Even though you still like to be called Mama's baby, but I think that has something to do with your little sister being around. Don't worry...Mommy will always have a special place for you in my heart. Your name fits you perfectly, you are my gift from God, my angel.

I positively love your infectous laugh and joyful spirit. You make everyday brighter and better. You are incredibly smart...sometimes too smart. And you love to cuddle, hug, and give kisses. You are such a sweetheart. I hope your day today is filled with all the fun things you love to do...Mommy's gonna make sure of it. We love you very much bubby. Happy 3rd birthday. Hey and do Mommy a favor....just slow down growing alittle bit....the time is passing too quickly. :)

Five days old

6 Months old

One year old

18 Months old

On your 2nd Birthday

Two and a half years old...and giggly

Nearly 3 and so Big!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toby's Party (Part 1)

We had a fantastic time at Toby's party. Friends and family came to share in some yummy (homemade) ice cream cake and snacks and share Toby's special day with us. Toby picked a Wubbzy party theme from the party store and he loved all the decorations. He really liked my balloons which were die cuts from when I taught school. Toby made out yesterday. He got a tool bench, a remote control Lightening McQueen, a Cars Screaming Banshee truck, a Mega Blocks Diego set, and a hot wheels race track. He definately got more than this but these are the biggest in size. lol. I also saved a couple small gifts for his actual birthday. It was loads of fun. A couple of our adult friends even stayed and watch the Pitt game with us and played board games....something we never get to do, so it was a treat for us big kids too. :) I took (I should say Daryl took) so many pictures that I had to break them up. So today you get presents with cake. Tomorrow you will get to see the aftermath of sugar, loads of people in the house, and new toys. The kids slept hard last night for good reason. ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

FFF: For Crying Out Loud

Today's theme is all about crying. I searched through all of my photos and only found about 10 out of hundreds. I thought I took more, but I guess I didn't. Liliana cried ALL the time when she first came home, but as soon as you pulled out the camera she'd stop. Now she doesn't care if the camera is around. Toby on the other hand had the sweetest whimper of a cry for months after he came home. Now it's more of a tantrum cry. Here are a couple of pictures to demonstrate....

Full out I-don't-wanna-get-my-picture-taken-in-the-pumpkin-patch cry

Sweet I'm not crying face

The I-want-my-Mommy cry

This is he crying face...sweet....until he gets angry
House News:
Toby's 3rd birthday party is tomorrow....he turns 3 on Tuesday...I just can't believe it
Liliana is cutting 8 teeth! All four "eye" teeth and all four molars....needless to say that today's theme fits very well in our house.
Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone! And for more FFF check out SARAH'S BLOG

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My new favorite.....

websites are recipe sites. I LOVE to cook. It is by far one of my favorite things to do, and I love trying new and different recipes. I have tons of recipes of Rachel Rays and South Beach that I really enjoy cooking and eating, but lots of times I want something that I know everyone will eat. Someday I'll share some of those with you but today is not the day. Today is all about recipe sites. I love typing in what I want to eat and having so many recipes at my disposal. I also love to read the comments to see how people have changed them. And because I love all of you, I am going to share some of my favorites. These are not all healthy dishes but rather dishes that my whole family will actually eat. One of the reasons I like to make things is because I can control what goes in them. I have taken the recipes and found the low/no fat ingredients that correspond and the recipes still taste delicious. Here are some of my favs....

Deserts First...because they are the best part :)
Bread Pudding...I love this one because it's so versitle...I am always changing what I put in it
Pumpkin Fluff

Salisbury Steak...the changes people made to this one in the comments is worth the read
Pork Chops and new good even my uber picky brother loved it
Mexican Chicken...SOOOOO simple
Chicken Crunch...add some mixed vegetables and it's a good substitute for Chicken Pot Pie
Maple Glazed Pork chops
Clam Chowder

So there you go, some of my favs....cook one of them up this weekend. Right now my big food project is an Ice Cream Cake for Toby's bday party this weekend. The boy doesn't like cake so why make it. Instead I am laying graham crackers, strawberry ice cream, and vanilla ice cream together into what is hopefully a delicious Ice Cream Cake...and the icing will be tinted whipped cream with our buddy Wubbzy in the middle....wish me luck. And I hope you enjopy at least one of these recipes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today is a random group of pictures from our weekend. Some from go to see Mencia (hysterical by the way) the others from Sunday night dinner.

It's cold here people. Cold enough to snow alittle every day for the next nine days. I know that some are you are colder than me, but some of you are definately in places warmer than me...and to that I say NO FAIR!!!! I however live by the winter motto If it's gonna be cold it might as well snow. So this is what I woke up to this morning...

View from my dining room window

Towards the street (it was more than a dusting but less than an inch...I'll take it)

Guess where this is in Heinz Hall

The lowest level of Heinz Hall

Bet you can't guess who these people are : )

Toby playing with Greg's stuff before the Steeler Game (please don't mind the living room hurricane the children made)

PapPap and Liliana playing

PapPap and his granchildren

Still playing...they had a good time with PapPap

Look at this cute smiley girl!

Oh, BTW, I'm sure (if your volume is on) that you've noticed the new music. The snow inspired me to add the Christmas music a few days early. It's at the bottom if you want to turn it off, or you can do what I do...turn it up and clean to it. I'm very excited this year as I was able to find almost all of John Denver and the Muppets....a classic from 1978 (the year I was born) me it wouldn't be Christmas without it. Enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Friday was a gorgeous day. I decided since I was light on the pictures last week that I'd try to get a few. The kids were unususally cooperative while playing that it made picture taking easy. I decided I'd switch it up a bit and do some black and whites (my fav) while in the backyard. Let me tell you they turned out GREAT. Family, if you see any you'd like just email me and I'll get them to you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF: Blowing Kisses

I don't having any "blowing kisses" pictures, so how about KISSABLE. Mainly because my kiddos are so kissable. Today I picked my favorite pictures that I took of them while in Guatemala. Then I added a more recent picture of my loveable, huggable, kissable children.

Have a GREAT weekend...I know we will. :) Greg, David and I are going to see comedian Carlos Mencia tomorrow and then Greg is the really lucky one...he gets to go to the Steeler game on sunday. For more FFF go HERE

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wishful Wednesday

Today is crappy out. It hasn't been the greatest of weather since Saturday and it really has no prospect of getting nice in the near future. The kids want to go outside and it is rainy and cold. So today I'm posting pictures of our park outing last week when it was warm enough (in the sun) to wear shorts. I pray the rain holds off today and we can make it outside.

I want that Mommy.

Bear enjoying his sliding adventure. lol

Getting tickled by a ladybug on his collar (look real close).

The ladybug liked his face alittle more....Toby thought it was great.

What the hell? I'm trying to eat here lady.

Telling me (very seriously) about being hot

Posey, with leaves
Have a happy hump day everybody!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Round-up

We had a very busy weekend. On Friday NaNa was off, so we met up with her for lunch. Afterwards we went to see Madagascar 2....the kids did really good in the theater. And when it was done Toby wanted to watch it again. Then we did some running around with NaNa at Lowes and Ollies. Friday night, Greg's parents came down for dinner and visiting. It was a very packed day.

On Saturday it was up early to get ready so we could attend the PITT game and some tailgating first. Liliana wasn't all that impressed with tailgating. Too many people paying too much attention to her. She is really not that fond of people getting so close. Toby on the other hand thought it was fantastic. There was food to steal and footballs to chase after. The group next to us had 3 different tailgating games that Toby thought were fascinating. They were kind enough to let Toby play when they were done and then they would cheer for him. He was in his glory with being the center of attention. NaNa, the kids, and myself only stayed through the 3rd quarter. During half time the wind changed and it got really cold. After the kids woke up (yes they both fell alseep), we were outta there. Uncle Dave and Greg stayed through the rest of the game and then partook in some post tailgating. Yesterday was church and dinner at NaNa's while watching the Steelers game. Like I said a jampacked weekend.

Toby playing the washer's game. He also really enjoyed the beanbag game...that may be because everytime he got a beanbag in the hole they cheered.

Mommy, what the hell are they doing over there? This is weird!

Dave and Greg

Ooo, it's cold up here! Look there's people all the way down there.


Our buddy Daryl, texting :)

He ate some nachos and then passed sweet

A gloomy Pittsburgh day...still an awesome city.

Look at those two hobos we saw at the game ;) (ps: those are the sleeping children wrapped up in the blankets)

Our buddy Rob and his girlfriend, Lisa

Sharing a blanket and watching some Wuzzby

I didn't just try to steal Lili's blanket Mommy....Would this cute face lie?

These damn teeth...I just don't feel well.

I wasn't just sneaking up the stairs...Okay you caught me!