Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Few to Tide You Over

Well travel day has arrived. NaNa, the kiddos , and myself are leaving tonight. We are hoping this makes the trip easier on the kids and so ultimately easier on us. This is the first trip with the diva so we will see how it goes. While I do have internet access in Missouri, none of it is wireless, so you may not get pictures until I come back. Keep checking in just in case. I have TONS of stuff to get done before 7 tonight, so I'm off enjoy the pics (they are out of order and I don't feel like fixing them). Smily boy

I love the face she is making...I obviously interrupted her phone time.

Out for a walk....I love how she walks with her hands up in the air.

Lovin the fact that she gets to ride in Toby's car

Enjoying the pool

Even the poor yard squirrel got a"bath"
At the car show with Uncle Dave. He really enjoyed getting to see the "big" cars and hear the horns honk.

Checking out the 1935 Ford Model A (at least I think that's what it was)

Okay that's all for now...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


In what you ask? Toby made it ALL day today with no accidents. He stayed completely dry and even initiated potty use himself at times without me telling him. After a month of "potty training" (evidently very poorly on my part), I broke down and bought the potty training book from Thepottytrainer.com. After reading it, I put her plan into action. It only took Toby two days to really get it. Yesterday (the third day) he made it 11 hours with no accidents (even that one was a minor one) and even stayed dry throughout our Walmart shopping excursion. Then today he went potty by himself several times, stayed dry throughout our visit at NaNa and PapPap's, and he even remained dry through dinner out. I am just amazed it only took days to get him to this point. Seriously, if you are comtemplating potty training or aren't ahving any success, go to the website, for $7 you can get a plan of action and be on your way in days. It's awesome!

I know there will still be accidents. And according to the book, it will take about two weeks for him to be fully trained. But right now I am really enjoying not having to change two diapers each time. And I think that Toby is enjoying being a big boy and is really proud. Okay I'm done bragging about my "big" boy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

FFF: Friends

Today's FFF is Friends as you can read on the title. In honor of my Missouri trip, I am posting some pictures of yore of the friends that we are about to see.

Toby and Ruthie (13.5 months old and 6 months old) on our pick-up trips. Weren't they SO sweet!?!

Kim, Dave, Ana, and Ruthie, minus one key member of their family. Can't wait to see you guys next friday!

Toby and myself with Kelly and Skyler...their first get together.

Toby serending Skyler. I don't think she was impressed last summer. But in December when we visited it was a different story...

Best Buddies seperated by 650 miles (which STINKS!)

The Best (and worst) of friends

One of my best friends and the BEST Mommy EVER!

My VERY best friend cause I am one blessed woman to get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Oh and to see some really cute photos of my kiddos posted last night go HERE and for more FFF posts go to Kiss the frog 4 Me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures as Promised...

So not only did my son run into the microwave stand today, but he also hit his head on the corner of the hutch (nice divet with a small goose egg around it) and while running to get on the chair during dinner he cracked his shin off the chair (nice bump with a lovely bruise). It's amazing that he hasn't broken something. And because I love you all, you get pics from today and yesterday.

Showing me how proud he is of himself

Look at how proud she is...love it

While foloowing this new version of potty training, the boy has chosen not to wear pants. Whatever, this morning he went commando for most of the morning...whatever floats his boat. Oh and anyone looking for a good potty training book/website, I am highly recommending ThePottyTrainer.com. Working wonders for us after a month long struggle.

Wahahaha (evil scary story laugh)

She bites her lower lip when she's concentrating

Laughing like crazy at his sister, why you ask?......

Peek-a-boo Toby

Lil' Miss Attitude!

Cool Tricks, Cool Tricks

Oh Tooooooooooooooo-dles

Uncle Dave and Toby having fun

I took this yesterday and I absolutely L-O-V-E it!!!

A picture of the Shiner...isn't it pretty?

FFF tomorrow...come on back now, y'all!


I know I know, you all pretty much come here for pictures of my adorable little ones, but this morning all you're getting is me. Ahahaha...my evil laugh. I will post pictures this afternoon after I have some. I promise!

1. In less then one week NaNa, myself, and the kiddos will be hitting the road to the Show-Me_State. I am SO excited! I love visiting my Missouri fam, they rock! I have never lived there, but when I visit it's like I've always been there. There is never that akwardness that sometimes exists between family that doesn't live near each other. And I love that.
This is also the first time that they will get to meet Liliana. They have been dying to meet her since I touched down. (Just remeber guys that she is very unsure in new situations and it will most likely take her a day or so to get comfortable with you. Just do what you did with Toby by getting down and playing with her and letting her come to you and she'll warm up to you in no time at all.) And well Toby is just chomping at the bit to see Tia Jo and Uncle Roger, oh and the dog. And ride horses and play kitty cats, and see Katie and Mimi and PapPap, and go to the zoo and to do the next thing on my list...

2. While in Missouri I also get to spend some time with friends too. Toby and I are heading to see the Wiggles with Kelly and Skyler. Yippee! (We are open to other activities as well ladies) And due to an incredible chance of events we also get to see Kim and Dave and their adorable children for a couple of hours as they pass through MO. Two adoptive friends in one visit...all I can say is HOT Damn!

In non-traveling news...
3. Toby got a lovely black eye today by running into the microwave cart because...well...he's a boy. Picture of the shiner to follow.

4. If today and tomorrow go well, I will have some potty training tips for you and even a book recommendation. Let's just say that we were completely dry from 1-7(bedtime) yesterday.

5. Liliana is walking more and more. It's not exclusive yet, as she's not great at standing from a seated position but as soon as she masters that she be off and running. Yea and Nay all at the same time.
Okay I guess that's all for now. I'm sure there is more but there are hungry children to feed. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Impromptu Photo Session

Yesterday they were in such a good mood that I thought I'd try to get some good photos of them. Yeah right! Toby was/is completely uncooperative...I guess I overdid it when he came home. lol Liliana wasn't much better. I did get some good shots, but not the money shot I was hoping for. Oh well, I will have tons of opportunities in the next couple of weeks.

This one is cute, but I had just missed her smile.

I have pictures like this for Toby, so I thought I'd get some of her too.

Both of them in the tree. I love the face she is making.

Cheesy Smile

I love this face!

This was her reaction to having to sit in the grass.

I tried to get one of the two of them. I love how Toby is being SO cooperative. Ah, not so much!


Best one I got of Toby and it's blurry. Argh!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sunday Edition

We've had a busy weekend. Fridaywe met up with Greg in Pittsburgh to go to a picnic being held by one of his "bosses." It was very nice and the kids had a good time. Toby really enjoyed the open coolers full of ice. He also loved that he could open and close their screen door. loads of fun let me tell you. Yesterday, after some cleaning, we went into NaNa and PapPap's to swim. The kids played in their new pool and in the big pool. After swimming I helped Daddy make dinner. Toby slept through the entire meal and then some. He was so tired. After dinner we enjoyed watching Neal McCoy on Jamboree in the Hills. If anyone likes country then you should know about the Super Bowl of Country Music, if you don't well then you should do some research. I've never had the chance to go, but I love watching the performers and even more so the sights on the televised channel. Here's some pictures (Oh, and a surprise at the end)...

Crashed.... This is how I found him Friday Morning after I got out of the shower.

Oh no, Greg and I caught a bad case of Sticker Pox in the car. Greg got the worst of it.

I really like my hat.

Toby and PapPap giving Liliana a ride.

Crying because I wouldn't let him have the camera. Oh the joys of teething!

Mid-jabbering...man does she want to talk.

Toby is smushing his Daddy here.

Liliana took her first unassisted steps on Fourth of July and I've been working with her alittle every day. She hadn't really caught on yet. At the picnic the other night, I took her for a walk and she did really good only holding one of my hands. Yesterday morning she just started letting go of furniture and walking. She doesn't walk all the time yet, crawling is still faster, but we are getting really close. She is letting go more and more. It is just so cute to watch her toddle around.

Friday, July 18, 2008

FFF: My Choice

The leader of FFF is enjoying the beach this week (lucky her) so she left us free to do whatever we pleased. I'm choosing to do my FFF this week and I'm going to use some our our Fun in the Sun pics from yesterday.

We have been at NaNa and PapPap's most of this week swimming away in the big pool, but yesterday Toby said he didn't want to go in the big pool. Here's the deal...we have no outside spicket ( I have no clue what you all call the hose hookup outside but we call it a spicket). This means that to fill the pool I have to fill a bucket in the kitchen sink and carry it out to fill the pool. This gets old after 5 or so trips and the kids barely have any water to play in. Which means NaNa needed a kiddie pool since she has a hose. So we went to Big Lots in search of a pool on clearence. We found an awesome pool for about $30. It has a slide, ring toss, basketball hoop, and sprays water onto the slide if you hook up the hose. Very Neat! So now NaNa has an awesome kiddie pool in addition to her big pool. The kids had a blast. Toby only tried to drown his sister twice and his sharing skills left much to be desired, but for the most part he really enjoyed his new pool especially the slide and basketball hoop. Liliana had some trouble figuring out how to move in the pool without slipping, but once she did man did she scoot around the pool. She also really enjoyed splashing in the water and eating Toby's boat.
Splish Splash...

A New Balancing Game

Pool Time Boot Camp for Tots

I love how they are both doing the same thing...it's really cute.

Here I Go

He Shoots...He Scores!

My Silly Lili

Hi Mom! A rare moment of them both looking at the camera

More Splashing