Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silly Saturday

So sorry I didn't get the chance to post yesterday. My Mom came over early and stayed until late in the afternoon to help me clean and disinfect the house. It needed it cause we were buried in stuff and germs. I took all these photos on Thursday. Liliana's still alittle reseved because of the flu but Toby's down for being silly anytime even when he's sick. So here they are.... She did have on the other glove and her hat but this was all she had left on when I caught her

He was especially smiley on Thursday


Handy Lili...she can fix it right

That's me she's enjoying smooshing

Silly girl

Playing with her dinos

Closest thing I got to a smile

Running in circles in the living room


My favorite picture of Toby

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

Late February 2 years ago...Look how little

Last Year Laughing it up

My little princess last year, just days after coming home, rockin her Daddy's hat

Monday, February 23, 2009

The National Avairy

So yesterday we loaded the kids up after church and headed to Pittsburgh for a day out of the house. After no one was able to leave it last week due to the flu everyone wanted some time away. We stopped at Boston Market on the way and had a very yummy lunch and then it was off to the National Avairy. The Avairy is not really big in size so it was the perfect get away since the kids still tire easily. The Avairy has two large atrium rooms, the tropical forest and the wetlands, where the birds roam free and you can enjoying watching them fly around and interact with each other and the people. They also have exhibits where the birds need a certain environment. During the day they have several sessions where you do or witness something special. We got to see the end of the flight show. Our favorite part of that was watching the sea gulls eat and giving money to the crow who then put it in the donation box. It was really cool. We also got to feed the Lorikeets, feed a chicken some corn and peas (Toby loved tha part), watc the rainstorm in the wetlands, and participate in the wetlands snack time. Toby got to feed a birdie a worm. It was worth the trip and we had a great time. Here are some of the pictures I was able to get. Enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

FFF: Fake-out

I got nothin for you this week people. Greg and kids are still suffering from the remains of the flu. Although I am starting to see them coming around slowly. Toby is doing the best, then Greg, then Liliana. I am sure that by next week they will all pretty much be back to least I hope so. And I am despritely hoping that I don't get it after taking care of them all week. Here are a couple of pics from this week and a small video of Toby "dancing."

Our set up this week. Toby calls it our hotel house. We pull out the extra matress and put it in the living room so everyone can rest while watching tv. This is also where the kids and me are sleeping so I can easily tend to their needs and Greg can get some undisturbed sleep upstairs.

How miserable does she look here? This was Tuesday...she was not amused with me for taking her picture.
Doing alittle better least she was faking being better. It lasted for about two hours and then that was it.

Toby snuggling wih Greg as he rested.

Go HERE for more FFF. I hope to be back to regular posting next week. Have a good weekend everybody.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So sorry that I've been MIA. I am the last man standing at my house. Everyone else has the flu. Toby is doing the best. He pretty much just has the nasty cough left although yesterday his fever came back. He is also still achy and tired. Liliana was lucky enough to get an ear infection with her case of the flu. She also is tired, achy, and coughing. In addition her poor little nose is constantly running and she has so much congestion she can't sleep at night because she gags on it. Loads of fun let me tell you. In fact I just looked over at her and she's asleep sitting up. And then there is poor Greg who has it the worst and so he's not allowed in the same room as us and he's sleeping in our room while the kids and me are camping on a matress in the living room so everyone can get the best rest possible. Please pray I don't fall to the flu. If I do there is no one to take care of the kids while I recoop. I am trying to keep up with all their needs and keep the house disinfected and the laundry done. There is no need to cook since no one is really eating so at least cooking isn't on my list of things to do this week. Maybe later I'll get some pictures of what the flu looks like. So there you have it...I haven't been updating because I am nursing my family back to health. If you want to find me. I do try to get on facebook a couple times a day. Hopefully things will be better soon and I can go back to posting pictures of my adorable children.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today's theme is love since tomorrow is Valentine's Day. You aren't getting any new pictures because we've been battling the stomach flu this week. Liliana had it on Sunday and it seemed to go away as quickly as it came. I woke up on Wednesday feeling not so great but within a couple of hours I felt fine and I thought that was the end of it. Not so people. Yesterday was HORRIBLE! And today I'm still achy and alittle quesy. I am praying no one else gets it because it is not nice at all. And that's why I am diving into the archives today for my love pictures.

A recent photo of my two loves

Last year I was still in Guatemala with Liliana

Two years ago hangin with my little man

And not to forget the most important love in my life....My handsome hubby.
For my FFF go to SARAH'S BLOG.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Toddler Tip Day

You are getting a couple extra this week cause I was coming up blanks last week. This week I searched through some of my favorite books to bring you some ideas I think are loads of fun. Enjoy!

1. Telephone: Gather a collection of old phones. Make a phone book using family members numbers and pictures. Encourage your child to use the phone book and pretend to call family members. (An important life skill...especially if an emergency arises)

2. Make a pattern: You will need paper cut the length of the paper x 3inches, X and O stamps (don't have stamps, cut potatoes in half and carve the desired shape into the bottom about 1/2 inch deep), paint or stamp pads. Begin a "hug and kisses" pattern for your child showing them the pattern and then let them finish it with some help from you. After they understand let them go at it. (Math skill)

3. You've got mail: Gather up used or new envelopes, some leftover stationary, stickers, pencils and crayons. Let them use the supplies to create their own mail and deliver it. (Pre-writing skill)

4. Milk Paint: Mix together evaporated milk and food coloring to create this creamy paint. (Art)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where a Kid can be a Kid....

Saturday we went to Canton to join the NEO Guatemalan Adoptive Families for a playdate at Chuckie Cheese's. It was the kids first time there and they LOVED it. It was SO busy that we really didn't get to visit too much with the other families but there are other meetings coming up soon. And we can't wait to go again. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Friday, February 6, 2009

FFF: Melt

Anyone recognize where I took the above picture? I'm sure many of you know exactly where that is. It was exactly one year ago today that I left my sweet little boy, boarded a plane all by myself at the ass crack of dawn, and headed to Guatemala to bring home my precious girl. It was hardly the easiest time in my life but its one that melts my heart when I look back on it. The first day was so hard between waiting for her to come and then trying to comfort her that I only took a few pictures.....Here they are:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We were tagged...

1. Toby loves his bear. He goes EVERYWHERE with us.

2. Toby likes alot of foods most kids don't, like celery, hummus, and most veges.

3. Toby LOVES LOVES LOVES Cars the movie. His fav right now is to act out the movie with his Cars diecasts. He has a rather large, growing collection.

4. Toby has the best manners. He gets told so everywhere he goes.

5. Toby is a Mama's boy. Some girl's gonna love me for that later in life....not so much. :)

6. Toby has an elephant's memory....he NEVER forgets ANYTHING.

7. Toby loves to "drive" the car.

8. Toby really likes animals....he loves the zoo.

9. When Toby's really sleepy he asks for his bedtime music.

10. Toby is a snuggler.

1. Liliana LOVES cats. Probably cause we have 3.

2. Lili has a few stuffed animals that she rotates her love for, but bunny is her fav.

3. Liliana is my eater....In fact if you set the table before dinner she begs to sit in her chair.

4. Lili mimics EVERYTHING her brother does. Anything he can do, she can do too. He is her idol.

5. Lili's favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and the Wonder Pets.

6. Lili's new favorite word is MINE. She screams it several times a day for things that are hers and aren't.

7. Liliana LOVES music and to dance.

8. Liliana's favorite spot first thing in the morning is right next to her Mommy.

9. Liliana is VERY observant. She can spot anything before the rest of us.

10. Liliana will only drink Strawberry Milk. If you give her white milk she just gives you this look like what the hell is this?. It's too funny

We are tagging.... Robyn and Gabriella
Donna, Austin, and Logan
Amy, Brayden, nd Malayna

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Much Fun

Toddler Tip Day will be brought to you tomorrow, instead for your viewing pleasure.....My two cuties. Actually you're gonna see alot more pictures of Toby because the Princessa was sleeping during our snow outing the other day. I made sure to include a couple of her in all her cuteness however at the end. Sunday was the perfect play day. It was about 45 out and we still had about 4 inches of snow that wasn't melted yet. Greg and Toby had a blast and of course I had to go outside and get some pictures of them playing together. As an added bonus it tired Toby out and even with all the Super Bowl festivities he was still asleep around 8. I love outside play!

Come back here Sadie

Daddy and his giant snowball....Toby had no interest in making the snowman, just decoratling him.

Is this not the cutest picture of my little stinker?

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Snowball fight

The I'm gonna eat this, what are you gonna do about it? look

Posin with their creation. Toby named him creative.

Then Mommy and Toby gave the snowman hair turing him into a snow girl named...wait for it... Miss Lili Kate. Evidently the snowgirl reminded him of his sister.

And not to be is my adorable princess enjoying her food the other day. Don't you just love her perky pigtails?

I love her giggle face!