Thursday, August 23, 2007

Playing with Food

Whoever said that you're not suppose to play with your food? While I try not to let him do it during meals, here are two videos of him really enjoying his food. In the first he is "cooking" in the second he is fingerpainting with whip cream. My son is too cute!

View this montage created at One True Media
Toby Cooking

View this montage created at One True Media
Toby painting

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Confessions of a Addicted Toddler

Hello, my name is Toby and I am addicted to all things Wiggles, Melmo (for those of you that don't speak Toby-ese, that's Elmo), and Kitty Cats. Here are a few pictures of my obessions.

This is where I put my chair on the coffee table for a better "view" of the Wiggles. I would even stand up and spin around with the chair to the music. (PS. I was well supervised by my Mama!)

After Mom moved my chair for the third time down to the floor, I was content to watch from there. I must say though that this not not the norm anymore. Just when someone is watching bacause I'm beginning to do the motions and sing parts of the songs. It's too cute and if Mom can catch me in action, She'll post some video of it.

Memorized by Melmo

(This pic can also serve to show you all that Mom did get my hair cut after much prompting. I like it better this way. I was too hot.)

My new Melmo shirt and pants.

Toby who's on your shirt? Melmo you silly Mommy!

I don't have any recent photos of my very healthy cat obession. ; ) I just love my Kitty cats and I'm beginning to learn our cats names. Sultan is taking a while. Could be because it doesn't end in ie like the other two cats.

Ba - Bye for now,

Wuv u,


Sunday, August 12, 2007

North Park

Today we packed up and headed to North Park in Pittsburgh. North Park has a lake in the middle of it with a walking/bike/motor trail that goes five miles around it. It also has picnic areas and playgrounds off to the sides of the motor trail. When Greg and I lived in Pittsburgh we spent loads of time at North Park with our dog Sadie. And since we have absolutely no parks in steubenville (sad but true), we took Toby up there for the afternoon. I have a ton of cute pics but here are just a few.

Look Mom it spins!

I can do it all by myself.


Munchin' on some bread

Me and my Dada, don't we make a great team?

Look Mama, a stick

A Mama and Toby shot

Toby enjoying the swing

Ooo, a different jungle gym

Peek - a - boo

I LOVE this tunnel!

Daddy seeking out the slightest bit a shade.

I know that juice is in here somewhere.

Riding back to the car.

Now let me tell you something...

Flirting with the girl in the car next to us.

So many more pictures and so little blog space. Maybe next time. Love to all!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Liliana's Two month update

We just received this months pictures of our beautiful baby girl!!! Yippee!! She is so damn cute. According to our agency director (who met with our foster mom)... "She has marks on her face - foster mom says she has sensitive skin and Dr Ranero gave her a cream to treat it. Foster mother only dresses her in cotton, no synthetics so as not to irritate the skin. She takes 5-6 oz per bottle and sleeps through the night. "talks" a lot, very responsive to her foster mother who says she is a very good girl, only cries for a bottle or diaper change, not a fussy baby at all." So all in all she is doing great and I need to plan a visit trip. I'm dying to meet this beautiful little girl. So without further ado here's the pics....

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fun in the yard

Who me? I didn't do it!

Picking apples with Dada

Do I play with the apples or the ball?
Pleeeease throw the ball Toby, Please!

What about now?

Tormenting Sadie by hiding the balls. Toby can you please throw them now?!?!

I know they're in there. You can't fool me.

Friday, August 3, 2007


The DNA results are in and Lili matches her birth mother 99.99%. Yippee!!!! Now we wait for Preapproval. The wait has been around the 60 day mark so that would put us entering PGN (as long as family court goes smoothly) around the week of Oct 15. So far so good. On monday all the paperwork will be sent to the Secretary of State of Ohio so that it can be authenicated(this checks the notories and the clerk of courts) and makes them official documents. From there they go to the Guatemalan Consulate in Chicago to be legalized (recognized as official by the Guatemalan government). When this step is done it's off to Guatemala and off to Family court. Hopefully the documents will be in Guatemala in two weeks. So there's this week's update. Stay turned in for new pictures which we hope are arriving next week. Love to all!!!