Friday, August 28, 2009


I love that I caught this on camera! For more FFF go HERE

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grandfathers ROCK!

Some put shorts on their head to make their favorite kiddos laugh

and some let their grandkiddos wear their cool gear.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun times with new friends

On Saturday I did something completely out of character for me....I went to a picnic at another Guatmama's house that I had never met (in person). And it was a blast!!! I am SO glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone. There were five families with a total of 7 Guatemalan cuties. It was like being back in the Marriott baby room in Guatemala.....hanging out with others that understood. And even better than that, the kids LOVED it! All the kids were around their age and they played great together. Toby liked that they all looked alike, which he ususally doesn't notice. But this time he most certainly did because he asked when he could hang out with all his cousins again. How sweet is that! I can't wait for the next time we all get together.

A note about the pictures: I tried to only post ones of my kiddos since I have a public blog....enjoy them. The food was finger lickin' good.

Practicing her top model poses

Ooo this icing is da'bomb


Stop the picture maddness or I'll bite his head off...I swear I'll do it.

C is for cookie

The Sprinkle King

Hauling around the toyroom loot

Playing nicely together....this was after he tried to push her down the hill :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog Slacker

So sorry for the lack of pictures. The camera's batteries died on the way home from Missouri and between working, unpacking, and general life I haven't really thought to charge them. I'll fix that today. :) These are from a couple of weeks ago while I was at work. Greg met up with our buddy Rob and his girlfriend for some playtime at the park. There are more pictures but these are my favorites. Where did Uncle Rob go?

There he is!!!

Daddy and his girl...cuteness!

Uncle Rob and Toby at the other end

Look at them....have you ever seen anything cuter? They are the epitame of summer.

BTW, did anyone notice how Rob and Greg funny!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Missouri (va)CATION

Well we have spent the last week out with family in Missouri. We had a very nice time hanging out with everyone. We were the perfect balance of on the go and stay at home while there so that was also great. Here's how the week went down: to Missouri and arrive around 11:30 at night, sit up and talk for a few more hours
Wednesday... Hang out, shop, go to the horse barn so the kids can meet the horses
Thursday...I go trail riding for 4+ hours while Mom and the kids hang out and play at the park
Friday... Hang out with Katie and go to the Relay for Life (which was awesome just like always)
Saturday....Go to the St Louis Mills with my cousins girlfriend, proceed to lose Toby, freak out, look everywhere, get mall security who had him, love on him and realize how much worse it could have been. Hear the wake up call loud and clear from God and I have wisened up. Saturday night was a surprise party for my uncle.
Sunday...visit some more before starting our trek home, get tired, stop for the night
Monday...made it home in the late afternoon cause the kids were NOT into driving for a second day
And here are some of the pics....for more you'd have to check out facebook. I want this one Mommy!

Mommy's horse loving girl

Going for her first ride....she LOVED it!

Toby's turn

Lovely shot of my big ass during the trail ride

One last picture

Finally cool enough to play was 8pm

That's my Mimi in the pink hat waiting to walk with the SURVIVORS.

Aunt Jo and Uncle Roger

That's my PapPap driving the less mobile survivors

Ooo more animals!

Brother-Sister picture

Me and the grandparents

Our attempt at a group shot. The kiddos were hot and tired...I think the adults were too. :)

Ice cream makes everything better

Passed Out from a long day

My newest cousin and his Mommy

He did NOT want his picture taken

Worn out from our mall visit

SURPRISE Uncle Roger!

The birthday boys and their cakes

NaNa and Liliana at the party

I'll get you!